Is Boss Crypto Legit? A Review on the Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Boss Crypto

The Boss Crypto Solution: Is Boss Crypto Worth It?

To many, the cryptocurrency market and chart technical analysis seems like a jargony whirlpool of abstract definitions, lines, shapes, and markets that somehow signal a buy, sell, or hold position recommendation. There’s no need to get your Bollinger Bands in a bundle, you’re not alone.

The demand for investment education and advice products such as Boss Crypto is largely fueled by people eager and capable of learning relatively complex concepts but want to streamline their learning.

The popular series crypto trading courses within the Boss Crypto platform are an excellent start for beginners and intermediates, while the Slack channel and community seem to provide everyone including experienced cryptocurrency traders some form of value in the form of trade recommendations and insights.

Cryptocurrency Education Platform:

Boss Crypto offers a “Crypto Trading Course” with lessons taught by Founder Boss Cole. The crypto academy is very straightforward, professional, and easy to follow. You find all of the information on YouTube or other awesome educational sites, but the organization and flow of the Boss Crypto course might be worth the investment.

boss crypto

The 6-week course is made to teach complete beginners and active crypto traders everything from the fundamentals of cryptocurrency basics, exchanges to use, wallets, trading psychology, and technical analysis.

The cryptocurrency trading course also comes with a support network and a community to help guide subscribers towards a full and complete understanding.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Boss Crypto education platform is a very solid first start for new users looking to gain an adept understanding of the above information. The community support, ability to learn on your own time, as well as the dense and segmented lessons,  are features we can see many newcomers getting a lot of value from. Although you can find all of the information scattered online, the Boss Crypto pricing is reasonable.

Editor’s Note: Pro-tip – download a video speed controller plug-in like this one to increase your video speed. As someone who’s gone through his fair share of video education, a 1.2-1.5x speed can take hours off your learning process. Just make sure you’re retaining the information!

Cryptocurrency Trading Chat and Slack Group:

Looking to up your cryptocurrency trading knowledge?

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While you’re burning through the course and after you finish, you will have access to the Boss Crypto Slack group. The Slack group currently has over 250 members and contains channels such as #trades, a chat where only the Boss Crypto admins can post their trade recommendations.

These cryptocurrency trade recommendations come with a heap of analysis and justification, and they usually follow up and build on previous ones (ie. Today, I sold off my Ethereum I bought on March 10th and am keeping it in cash for now).

boss crypto

A screenshot from the Boss Crypto Slack

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a regularly updated Slack channel and following good-intentioned trading advice, it’s worth checking out Boss Crypto. Of course, you should always do your own due diligence, consult a professional financial advisor, and have an understanding of your risk tolerance.

Rating: 9/10

The Boss Crypto Slack channel provides users with a principled and methodical approach to understanding what trades they could potentially make and why. Whether you actually heed the advice and gain or lose the money is completely on you. As far as the cesspool of online private trading groups and whale chats spam posting shitcoin trades, Boss Crypto’s sways more educational with real-world applications. The above rating reflects purely the depth of information provided and does not monitor every trade recommendation.

Is Boss Trader Crypto Class a Scam?:

One of the positives of experiencing such a rapid contrast in the bull market of 2017 into crypto winter of 2018 is that many cryptocurrency investors developed an acute skepticism to self-proclaimed gurus offering haphazard investment advice. Remember, there was a time where a large chunk of influencers and magazines (except us 😉 ) were pumping Bitconnect affiliate links and recommendations.

Healthy skepticism aside, any investment advice type of product still around in 2019 without scandals would logically be more legit than a scam. However, it’s worth setting a fixed definition for “scam” just so we’re all clear. Let’s go with Google’s version, a dishonest scheme; a fraud.”

Does Boss Crypto guarantee investment success?

No. Boss Crypto’s business philosophy tends to be in the more neutral camp that provides investment insights and analysis while encouraging readers to conduct their own research as well.  Boss Crypto’s tagline is “Boss Crypto is the resource traders and investors use to learn, grow and drastically improve their returns.” which seems to be more marketing speak than red flag territory

Will I make money using Boss Crypto?

Depends. While all the marketing speak indicates that by purchasing Boss Crypto, you’ll have access to most of the information you’d need to at least land a few solid trades. However, it’s worth noting, that even the most qualified experts have resumes littered with bad calls and investment blunders. You can view Boss Crypto’s previous successful calls on their site or within their Slack chat.

What happens if I don’t like it?

Boss Crypto offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Can I trust Boss Crypto?

Yes, Boss Crypto appears to be a trustworthy company. It currently has 11 reviews on Trustpilot from former users. Ultimately, the 30-day money back guarantee will give you a feel for whether you can justify spending the money on this product.

Boss Crypto Pricing and Final Thoughts

The Boss Crypto pricing is set around $99 per month per student, with opportunities to receive a discount if purchasing multiple months in advance.

Whether Boss Crypto is worth it for you depends on where you are in your knowledge and trading journey.

If you have a beginner or intermediate level understanding of crypto and want to learn more and reinforce your current understanding, $99/month to learn at a streamlined and effective rate seems like a good deal.

If you’re looking for guidance and walk-throughs through a wild tumultuous market, Boss Crypto also has a ton of value that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. You don’t necessarily even need to use the information provided to conduct real trades, and instead, enter similar trades in a no-risk trading simulator. The key is to establish a healthy trading perspective that you carry with you constantly, rather than blindly following trade recommendations. If you choose to move forward with any crypto trading courses, you should keep a healthy degree of skepticism for anything beyond the realm of education. 


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