Doug Polk Podcast Features: Halsey Minor of CNET and VideoCoin

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Doug Polk Podcast Features: Halsey Minor of CNET and VideoCoin

Halsey Minor is a name that carries with it decades of extraordinary accomplishments in the evolving realm of Internet entrepreneurship.

As a pioneer in the wobbly new-born deer legged Internet world, Halsey founded CNET (1994), one of the first media sites to publish tech and consumer electronics reviews, articles, news, and podcasts, co-founded, a publicly traded company with a market cap north of $90B, founded one of the first web-publishing software called Vignette, which was one of the most successful IPOs in the tech boom with a market cap of $26 billion, and his accolades go on.

Halsey stormed into the cryptocurrency industry by founding Uphold (2014), a digital money exchange and early Coinbase competitor, and VideoCoin, a blockchain-based project aimed at building video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled Internet.

Doug Polk and Halsey Minor got together on Doug Polk’s Podcast, and went over a wide variety of topics including inspirations, starting a billion-dollar company, the Dotcom bubble, the banking world and Jamie Dimon, Videocoin, decentralized storage, mining, the evolution of tech, and many more.

We highly recommend watching the full video above and/or check out another interview we had with Halsey on VideoCoin and the evolving domain of Internet entrepreneurship.

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