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Thanks for applying to submit your ICO to CoinCentral's ICO Calendar! In order to submit an ICO through this form, you must be a team member or have been hired by the team (PR/Marketing/Etc).  

If you're passionate about a project, but not involved directly with it, there's still hope that it will be listed on our ICO calendar. We do our best to include the most popular and promising upcoming ICOs, even ones not submitted here. If the project falls into one of these categories, there's a strong chance we'll find it and list it. If you'd like to increase the chances of us finding it, please tweet at us or encourage the ICO team members to fill out this form and submit their ICO. Please note that any mass spam of this form from ICO community members will not only do nothing to increase the chances of the ICO being listed, but potentially even hurt the chances as we'll have to create spam filters for the project.


Adding Your ICO - What You Need to Know

The first section of this form is to submit your ICO to CoinCentral's ICO Calendar List. As the name suggests, this page lists ICOs in order of their dates.

For this we need some basic information, including:

  • ICO Name
  • ICO Website
  • ICO Start Date
  • Your Involvement With the project.
  • Your Contact Information.
  • Project Logos (optional)

The second section of the form allows you to request an "ICO Summary" page on CoinCentral. An example of an ICO summary can be found here.

An ICO Summary page can help further increase publicity for your project, while providing CoinCentral users the key details of your ICO in an organized manner. The fields in this section are optional, although more information given increases the likely hood of us creating an ICO Summary page for the project.

Please Note: We have full discretion over the projects/ICOs listed on CoinCentral. There is no guarantee that your project will get listed by filling out this form. All ICOs/projects chosen to be featured in an "ICO Analysis" or "ICO Review" are chosen by our team. You may NOT apply to be featured in these post/page categories. The opinions expressed in these article formats are entirely those of the authors. We DO NOT accept payment for these and are NOT interested in promoting your project in this method in exchange for any form of compensation. We also DO NOT publish press releases at this time.

Submit Your ICO to CoinCentral's ICO Calendar for Approval

Please fill out the form below. We will review the information sent and if approved, you will be contacted on how to pay the $499 listing fee.


  • Describe your project to be displayed on our ICO Calendar in 75 characters or less.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    The starting date of your ICO tokensale, not a presale date.
    Please describe your involvement with the ICO you're submitting. To submit your ICO through this form, you must be a member of the ICO's team or have been directly hired/contracted by them. Proof of your involvement will be required through further communications. If you're not directly involved with this project, please tweet as us @realcoincentral to suggest ICOs to be added.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 5.
      ICO logos will be displayed on both CoinCentral's ICO calendar and any summary/analysis pages. While not required, uploading logo files will increase your chances of having control over the logos used on our site. Accepted file types are jpg & png. For the ICO calendar, the maxium pixel height to be displayed is 90, while the ideal size for ICO summary/analysis pages is 300*300.
    • Apply to Have an "ICO Summary" Page on CoinCentral (Optional)

      This section of the form allows you to apply to have an "ICO Summary" page on CoinCentral. An ICO Summary page can help increase the visibility of your project, while giving CoinCentral users key details of your project in one organized place. These fields are optional, although more information given increases your chances of having an ICO Summary page created for your project.
    • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • Please give as much information as possible for your ICO's exchange rate and any bonus structure.
    • Please describe how your tokens will be allocated for tokensale participants and project spending/saving.
    • Please described when tokens will be distributed to tokensale participants.
    • Please include team member names and links to their LinkedIn profiles.
    • List any project advisors and their LinkedIn profiles.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.