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Mar 3, 2020: Blockchain is an industry that’s always building. Whether it’s creating new applications for decentralized networks or maintaining existing ones, blockchain is constantly evolving, and that wouldn’t be possible without the minds behind them. Developers are the foundation of the blockchain industry, but development resources are still scarce.

The current infrastructure for developing blockchain applications has been detrimental for new projects with less capital. However, with institutional investment steadily pouring in, the demand for blockchain developers has never been higher. Designing and building a more inclusive financial system for the world is no easy feat, but if blockchain’s exponential growth over the last decade is anything to go by, a decentralized future doesn’t seem too distant.

Between scaling, creating a composable ecosystem, and a robust security framework, there are many problems that need solving and developers are the only ones who can solve them. A hackathon is a celebration of computer programming and what it can achieve, but it’s also a great way to engage more people into the community.

Octaloop is proud to announce unblock 2021, a blockchain-focused hackathon that aims to create conducive spaces for developers to learn, develop, and discuss blockchain-based solutions. For developers of any skill level, events like unblock give you the tools to learn to develop applications for decentralized networks. Further, it’s a brilliant resource for even casual cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with panel discussions, sessions with mentors, and talks from renowned blockchain experts worldwide from projects like Nano, Balancer, NEAR, Hedera Hashgraph, Kyber Network, and Zilliqa.

unblock 2021 has three phases: know, imagine, and code.

The know phase includes the basics of blockchain development, with tutorials and in-depth mentor discussions and talks with experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain. IN the imagine phase, participants will flesh out their ideas, incorporating veteran developer perspectives, and brainstorming strategies to develop the application more efficiently in the following code week.

“The innovative contributions from the nano development community is a large part of what makes Nano the world’s most efficient currency to date,” said Colin LeMahieu, CEO of The Nano Foundation. “I am excited to see the variety of fresh perspectives and contributions from the unblock2021 hackathon that will continue to expand the nano ecosystem in the future.”

There are thousands of dollars plus incentives to be won in the process. From Bitcoin’s unparalleled growth to the $50 billion locked into DeFi platforms, blockchain is a ticking time-bomb that’s waiting to explode. Financial systems need to be complex, especially since the reward for a successful attack is incredibly high. They have to not only handle billions of dollars of transactions on a daily basis, but also be secure enough to gain people’s trust.

Despite how much the space has grown over the last decade, it’s still early days for blockchain technology, and the upside potential is preposterously high. With systems as complex as these, experience counts for a lot in these spheres. Experience blockchain development for yourself by registering below. 

It’s free!

You can see the full speaker lineup and register for unblock2021 here: https://unblock.octaloop.com/

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