Tim Draper

Tim Draper Sees $250K Bitcoin on the Horizon

By James Risberg / April 12, 2018

Tim Draper is Bullish on Blockchain In a speech earlier today in front of his own Draper U, prolific tech…

How to Send Bitcoin from a Ledger Nano S

By Steven Buchko / April 5, 2018

Parting with your Bitcoin is hard enough already. This guide helps the process by walking you through the steps on how to send Bitcoin from a Ledger Nano S.

how to transfer bitcoin to a ledger nano s

How to Transfer Bitcoin to a Ledger Nano S

By Steven Buchko / April 4, 2018

Using a Ledger can be complicated – we make it easy. In this guide, we walk you step-by-step through the process of how to transfer bitcoin to a Ledger Nano S.

what is bitcoin private

Bitcoin Private, a first of its kind “fork-merge” of Bitcoin and Zclassic

By Aaron Mangal / April 3, 2018

Learn about Bitcoin Private (BTCP), a first of its kind “fork-merge” of Bitcoin and Zclassic, distributed with a 1:1 airdrop to ZCL and BTC holders.

bitcoin full nodes

Bitcoin Full Nodes: What They Are and How to Set One Up

By James Risberg / April 1, 2018

What’s a Bitcoin full node? Learn about how Bitcoin nodes run the network and how to set one up for yourself in our guide here.

Directed Acyclic Graph dag

Will Other Distributed Ledgers Replace Blockchain?

By Bennett Garner / March 22, 2018

Should we replace blockchain with something else? That’s a question many technologists are asking in the wake of scaling challenges…

Pablo Escobar brother

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Is Creating A New Cryptocurrency

By Delton Rhodes / March 21, 2018

He started out as Pablo’s accountant during the early days of the Medellin Cartel and managed revenues in excess of over 200 billion USD before serving time in prison.

bitcoin cryptocurrency ecommerce store

How to Accept Cryptocurrency in Your E-Commerce Store (and Why You Should)

By Steven Buchko / March 20, 2018

E-commerce stores benefit greatly by accepting cryptocurrency payments. Learn what value it can bring to your business and how to set it up on your specific platform.

crypto freelancer

Blockchain Storms the Freelance World: 6 Startups to Watch

By Alex Moskov / March 15, 2018

Will these nimble and well-funded blockchain startups be able to snatch the multi-billion dollar freelance industry from the reigning champions?

Lightning Labs

Lightning Labs Releases First Mainnet Beta, Reveals Seed Financing

By Alex Moskov / March 15, 2018

Lightning Labs releases a major update Bitcoin enthusiasts have long been looking forward to and announces a series of investors for its seed financing round.