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How Blockchain Security Applications Will Make the Internet a Safer Place

Blockchain security applications are being deployed against DDoS attacks, viruses and more. We outline some projects that are helping to protect us online.

How Sentinel Protocol Can Protect You Against Crypto Fraud

Finding it difficult to navigate the cryptocurrency investment landscape? Here’s how Sentinel Protocol can protect you against cryptocurrency fraud.

The Growing Use of Blockchain Law Enforcement Strategies

Blockchain law enforcement strategies are coming to a police station near you. Learn how the new technology could be the next step in fighting crime.

Blockchain Telecommunications: The New Era of Crypto Phones

The blockchain telecommunications race is heating up with multiple smartphone manufacturers unveiling plans to release crypto phones in the coming months. Here are the top choices.

The Rise and Rise of Cryptojacking: What You Need to Know

Cryptojacking is 2018’s most popular cybercrime. Whether it’s in-browser of downloading malicious code, you need to know how to protect yourself.

Kaspersky Lab Reveals Scary Truths About Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency

Kaspersky Lab is one of the world’s most respected antivirus software providers. Their recent reports on cybercrime and cryptocurrency are a little disturbing.

Can Bitcoin Be Hacked? Get Hacked and Find Out!

Can Bitcoin be hacked? Any software can be hacked. Can hacks make cryptocurrency more secure? Anything that doesn’t kill just makes you stronger.

9 Main Barriers to Widespread Cryptocurrency Adoption

Most of us know of blockchain’s potential, but there are still some major barriers to mass cryptocurrency adoption. Check out the top nine.

McAfee’s Bitcoin Wallet Bitfi Allegedly Hacked

John McAfee-supported Bitfi bitcoin wallet has allegedly been hacked by OverSoft. Although McAfee and the Bitfi team seem to disagree.

How Digital Signatures and Hashing Protect Your Transactions

Digital Signatures and Hashing Digital signatures and cryptographic hash functions comprise the secret sauce that makes cryptocurrency work.  They put the crypto into currency, so to speak. Your digital signature…