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Crypto Monitors Regulate Blockchain To Pull Your Assets From the Fire

Crypto monitors function as regulatory czars to establish cryptocurrency regulations, and this arises out of the need to protect investors. A regulation defines a rule of order prescribed by an…

Utility and Security Tokens: A Growing Case for Crypto Self-Regulation

The race is on to tokenize assets on the blockchain. But regulators are closing in. Where does the future lie in the utility and security tokens debate?

Knowing Your Cryptocurrency Categories is Knowing Your Portfolio

Creating cryptocurrency categories is still a tricky business. But investors should understand the types of regulated tokens, and make sound decisions

China’s Actions Towards ICOs and Bitcoin Fraud

When it comes to cryptocurrency regulations, China is known to be one of the most stringent nations in the world. Over the past few years, both in China and around…

Are ICOs Over-Promising and Under-Delivering?

Are ICOs over-promising during launch and completely under-delivering in their execution? A look at ICO statistics paints a clear picture.

Indiegogo’s Founder Slava Rubin on Crowdfunding and ICOs

When it comes to crowdfunding, few people have as keen insights rooted in deep experience as the Founder of Indiegogo, Slava Rubin. Founded in 2008 during the middle of one…

As ICOs Get Compliant What Does That Mean for Airdrops?

There’s a whole bunch of uncertainty surrounding ICOs and regulation, but as we move toward compliant offerings and STOs, what does that mean for airdrops?

Three Strategies for Choosing What Cryptocurrency to Invest in Next

You missed investing early in Bitcoin, that’s okay. Here are some strategies on how to choose what cryptocurrency to invest in so it doesn’t happen again.

ICO Review: Solve.Care

ICO Review: Solve.Care Solve.Care is offering a global blockchain solution for the coordination, administration, and payments systems in healthcare. The Solve.Care platform aims to facilitate the direct interaction between consumers,…

Medical Doctors and PhDs Take on Blockchain: an Interview with the PeerAtlas Team

PeerAtlas is on a mission to make medical information free and create a sustainable and scalable incentive structure for medical doctors and medical professionals to contribute to and update information in the ad-free and peer-reviewed medical library.