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The Best Blockchain Domain Registries: Top Crypto Domain Sites

Blockchain domain registry sites are changing how we register, manage and resolve domain names on the blockchain.  Each blockchain DNS (domain name system) is decentralized; it runs on a peer-to-peer…

This Week in Cryptocurrency: June 28th, 2019

Well, that was a rollercoaster. Whether you enjoy sharp increases or, for some reason, steep falls in price, this week would have made you happy. Nothing like some good old…

This Week in Cryptocurrency: May 17th, 2019

Outside of a substantial pullback in the past 24 hours, cryptocurrency markets experienced considerable gains over the last week. On the week, Bitcoin is up 13%, Ethereum up 34%, XRP…

Blockchain for Europe Is Unifying the Industry’s Voices

Blockchain for Europe is working with EU regulators to bring about reasonable legislation regarding new technology. Learn more in our interview here.

What is NEM Cryptocurrency? | Beginner’s Guide

NEM is a system that provides an easy to use API for developers looking to build blockchain-based apps. It’s an exciting coin to keep an eye on