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Coin Dance | Community Driven Cryptocurrency Statistics

Coin Dance is a community driven site which aims to decentralize even the statistics element of the cryptocurrency revolution. Here’s how it works.

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Crypto-endorsements are turning out to be the cryptocurrency industry’s new way of pumping up coins. However, not all projects are succeeding.

Interview: Sapien Team on Web 3.0 and a New Social World

In a digital world rife with data mismanagement at the personal expense of users, an increasingly social media-dominated social world, and the rapid contagion of fake news, many blockchain projects…

Social Networking on the Blockchain | An Industry Ripe for Disruption

The rise of the freemium social media model has brought with it some real problems. What will the blockchain social network of the future look like?

3 Key Business Benefits of Blockchain

The increasing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency is bringing a lot of opportunities to the business world. Not everyone can create a top five cryptocurrency project or exchange platform. However,…