Gold grid lines.


A Digital Currency Revolution Is Taking Place in Venezuela

Political uncertainty is fueling the scramble to acquire digital currency. LocalBitcoins has processed over $15 million in Bolivar to BTC trades.

Venezuelans Prefer BTC over Petro as Inflation Reaches Alarming Levels

The cataclysmic political situation in Venezuela is driving cryptocurrency adoption as a fast-rising inflation rate devastates the economy. It is currently projected to reach 10 million by the end of…

Venezuelan Citizens Forced to Receive Pension Funds in Crypto

The Venezuelan government is reportedly converting pension payments into its national cryptocurrency, the Petro.

How Venezuela’s National Cryptocurrency is Working

Venezuela recently became one of the first countries to implement a national cryptocurrency, but the Petro is fraught with controversy and confusion.

Could Cryptocurrency Be the Solution to Venezuela’s Problems?

Venezuela is the world’s richest country in terms of oil. Yet its people are starving. With devaluation, hyperinflation and crisis is cryptocurrency the answer?

Digital Currencies: An Iran, Venezuela Saviour Amid Sanctions and Inflation?

Both Iran and Venezuela are currently facing a tide of financial sanctions imposed by the United States. As you might expect, their respective governments are actively searching for ways to…

Blockchain and the Battle Against Corruption & Fraud

“Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics which exist everywhere. It is regrettably the way human nature functions, whether we like it or not. What successful economies do is keep…

Russia Potentially Helped Venezuela Launch Petro to Dodge U.S. Sanctions

The Russians may have used Venezuela as an experiment to test a decentralized currency without the risk of bringing down their ruble.