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Gold grid lines.

Colin Harper

Partnering with ConsenSys, Amazon Web Services Launches Kaleido Blockchain Platform

Amazon has partnered with ConsenSys to launch Kaleido, an all-in-one blockchain platform available through Amazon Web Services.

This Week in Crypto: May 11, 2018

This week in crypto, Ethereum makes strides with Casper, blockchain was used in an election, and a new crypto index fund was announced.

Hundreds of Websites Infected with Coinhive Software, Visitors Mine Monero Unawares

More than 300 websites that use the Drupal content management system were infected with Coinhive, a JavaScript software used to remotely mine Monero through a website visitor’s browser. Among others,…

This Week in Crypto: May 4, 2018

This week in crypto, more positive price action and Goldman Sachs announces it is formulating a cryptocurrency strategy.

Oscar Mayer Just Created Bacoin, a Cryptocurrency You Can Redeem for Bacon (Seriously)

Oscar Mayer just launched a promotional campaign for Bacoin, a cryptocurrency you can redeem for bacon.

Bitcoin Cash to Upgrade to Smart Contracts, Bigger Block Size with May 15 Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash has a hard fork on the menu, one that the coin’s primary group of developers, Bitcoin ABC, has been cooking up since December.

This Week In Crypto: April 27, 2018

This week in crypto we saw prices rally further, conflict regarding a patch to Parity’s multi-sig wallets, and Nasdaq get busy.

My Ether Wallet Suffers Phishing Attack After Hackers Hijack Google Public DNS

My Ether Wallet’s Google Public DNS was hijacked early Tuesday morning, resulting in a phishing attack that stole some 515 ETH.

This Week in Crypto: April 20, 2018 | CoinCentral

This week in crypto, we saw the market rise, some major partnerships and acquisitions, and governments respond to fraudulent projects.

NY Attorney General Sends Questionnaire to 13 Exchanges, Inquires into Business Operations

The New York Attorney General’s office is looking for answers to its questions on cryptocurrency investing practices and protections.