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Kelsey Ray

What Is a Smart Contract? | Explanation for Beginners

Blockchain is set to revolutionize business through the smart contract – but what is it exactly? And is it secure? Read on to find out.

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Are Bitcoin Arrests the New Norm? Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

We’ve all heard it: Isn’t Bitcoin used on the dark web? For crime? What can I do with it? In light of the recent bitcoin arrests, right when the DOJ…

How to Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

Should you buy bitcoin with a credit card, and is it easy? Read on to learn how to buy bitcoin with a credit card and what you can expect when doing so.

Quantstamp and OmiseGO Partnership Seeks Ethereum Scalability

The partnership between Quantstamp and OmiseGo seeks to solve Ethereum’s scalability problem. The main hurdle for blockchain mass adoption if how many users one chain can support. The Ethereum blockchain…

How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

Want to maintain your privacy through buying bitcoin with cash? Here’s where and how you can buy bitcoin (and other crypto!) with cold hard cash.

The Diamond Blockchain: Ending Blood Diamonds with New Tech

A diamond blockchain could allow for stakeholders in the industry to prevent the trade of blood diamonds. Find out how in this article.

TREZOR vs Ledger – Which Hardware Wallet Is Right for You?

When looking at a hardware wallet for your cryptocurrency you want the best. But which wallet is right for you – TREZOR or Ledger? Find out in this article.