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Johnny Sessa

What is Byteball? (GBYTE) | Beginner’s Guide

Byteball uses transaction balls connected to form a Direct Acyclic Graph. Conditional payments can be done through this blockchain technology.

What is RChain (RHOC) | Beginner’s Guide

Learn how RChain improves the design of current blockchain models. RChain claims to have created the first truly safe and scalable blockchain platform.

What is CRYPTO20 (C20)? | Beginner’s Guide

What is CRYPTO20? A guide to the world’s first cryptocurrency tokenized index fund, including information on where to buy and store the C20 token.

What is Maker Dai? | Beginner’s Guide

Learn about Maker, the smart contract platform that controls and sells Dai stablecoin. Dai is Ethereum’s first fully decentralized stablecoin

What is Status (SNT)? | Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn about Status and how this mobile operating system allows you to connect to any of Ethereum’s DApps directly on your smartphone.

What is ETHLend? | Beginner’s Guide

Read our beginner’s guide to learn about ETHLend’s decentralized loan application running on the Ethereum blockchain. Learn all about ETHLend’s LEND token.