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Munair Simpson

What is AST? The AirSwap Token

What is AST? The AirSwap token gives liquidity providers the right to buy or sell tokens on AirSwap’s peer-to-peer decentralized exchange.

What is HOT? The Hydro Protocol

What is HOT? HOT is the token of the Hydro Protocol. It has nothing to do with heat or fire. Forgive the etymologist in you for thinking the protocol has…

What is DDEX? The Decentralized Digital Exchange

DDEX exchange empowers wallet-to-wallet trading of cryptocurrencies. Its great benefit is that you can securely trade tokens without having to open an account.

What is Dogezer (DGZ)? A Beginner’s Guide

Dogezer (DGZ) is focused exclusively on helping software development teams to collaborate by tackling fundraising concerns through the DGZ financial system.