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Munair Simpson

South Korean ICO Ban May Be Lifted in November

Seoul, South Korea. This morning at the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo, Representative Hye Hoon Lee, hinted at the South Korean government changing its stance on ICOs. Mrs. Lee is the nominee…

DDEX Co-Founder Bowen Wang on Recent Advancements & HOT Token

DDEX is the undisputed king of 0x relayers. Bowen Wang, DDEX co-founder, explains plans for continuing to dominate the field in this short interview.

Leverj’s Bharath Rao Introduces Plasma Gluon

Bharath Rao is the CEO of Leverj, a Plasma-based decentralized exchange. He sat down with CoinCentral to explain Plasma Gluon, LEV and FEE.

IDEX CEO Alex Wearn on Aurora Advancements

We asked Aurora’s CEO about plans to create a decentralized banking platform based on a collection of Ethereum applications and protocols.

David Knott, OmiseGo Research Scientist, on Plasma and Scaling

CoinCentral contributor, Munair Simpson, got a moment to sit down with David Knott, an OmiseGo Research Scientist focusing on the OMG Plasma DEX.

What is the Radar Relay Decentralized Exchange?

The Radar Relay decentralized exchange enables peer-to-peer trades. It competes with the OasisDEX, EtherDelta, IDEX and Kyber exchanges. However, it not only outperforms them on a 24-hour trading volume basis, but also effectively competes with established centralized exchanges, like the UK-based CEX.IO.

Coinnest CEO Arrested for Embezzlement, Fraud

Last Monday the CEO of Coinnest, Mr. Ik-hwan Kim, was arrested in Seoul, South Korea on embezzlement and fraud charges. Read more about it here.

What is AST? The AirSwap Token

What is AST? The AirSwap token gives liquidity providers the right to buy or sell tokens on AirSwap’s peer-to-peer decentralized exchange.

What is HOT? The Hydro Protocol

What is HOT? HOT is the token of the Hydro Protocol. It has nothing to do with heat or fire. Forgive the etymologist in you for thinking the protocol has…

What is DDEX? The Decentralized Digital Exchange

DDEX exchange empowers wallet-to-wallet trading of cryptocurrencies. Its great benefit is that you can securely trade tokens without having to open an account.