Phillip Moskov

Gold grid lines.

Phillip Moskov

Who is Ross Ulbricht? | A Journey into the Dark Net and Cryptocurrency

Ross Ulbricht is a former dark net operator who is currently in prison for life after creating and administering the Silk Road, an online marketplace where over a billion dollars worth…

What is Akoin? | Pushing for Digital Currency and Empowerment in Africa

Akoin is a cryptocurrency launched by music artist, Akon, in June 2018 that envisions to serve as the base of a radical new city that’s under development in Africa. This city is…

What Is Bit Gold? The Brainchild of Blockchain Pioneer Nick Szabo

Bit Gold was one of the earliest attempts at creating a decentralized digital currency, proposed by blockchain pioneer Nick Szabo in 1998. Although the Bit gold project was never implemented,…

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Bancor is a blockchain protocol that brings liquidity to tokens by allowing users to convert between them directly. Learn more about it in our guide here.

What is DragonChain? | Beginner’s Guide

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How to Convert Altcoins to USD and Other Fiat Currencies

Converting your altcoins to USD and other fiat currencies can be confusing; here’s a list of steps for how you can cash out quickly and safely