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Colin Harper

What is Experience Points? Beginner’s Guide to Real Life XP

What is Experience Points? Is it worth your time? This Experience Points Beginner’s guide teaches you more about the online and real life XP sharing economy.

Introducing AURA: The Staking Token Securing IDEX’s Future

The AURA token will help usher IDEX exchange into a new phase of complete decentralization. IDEX founders learn us about what makes this token tick.

Busted? Waltonchain Accused of Orchestrating Fake Valentine’s Giveaway

Cryptocurrency community has accused Waltonchain Valentine’s of a fraudulent Valentine’s campaign after a dubious Tweet from Waltonchain’s official Twitter.

What is iExec RLC? A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Cloud Computing

What’s iExec RLC, you might ask? Check out our iExec beginner’s guide to learn more about iExec RLC platform and decentralized cloud computing.

Goldman Sachs-Funded Circle Purchases Poloniex For $400 Million

Read about Circle Internet Financial Ltd., a payment platform company backed by Goldman Sachs, that just bought Poloniex in a deal valued at $400mln.

Leaked Emails Seemingly Exonerate IOTA of Alleged Vulnerabilities

Newly leaked emails between IOTA and DCI shed light on the contentious question of IOTA’s vulnerability, seeming to debunk problems unearthed by DCI last year.

IDEX Exchange Review

IDEX is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that offers a safer trading experience. Check out our IDEX exchange review to learn more about this.

This Week in Cryptocurrency–February 16th, 2018

Among this week’s highlights: the CFTC hosts its own hearings on blockchain, Arizona legalizes tax payments in crypto and Weiss issues warning against Tether.

Regulatory Recap: The SEC/CFTC Senate Hearing and Expert Takes on the Future of US Regulation

A regulatory recap of the SEC and CFTC’s Senate meeting on crypto, as well as two attorneys’ takes on what it means for the future of US regulation.

What is Bluzelle?  A Beginner’s Guide to the Blockchain’s Decentralized Database

What is Bluzelle and what is it doing for the world of data? Read our beginner’s guide to learn more about the blockchain decentralized database.