Cryptocurrency Industry

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Cryptocurrency Industry

What is the Environmental Impact of Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin has radically changed the payment model for worldwide transactions. So far in 2018, the number of transactions has ranged between the 150 000 and 400 000 per day level.…

Bitcoin Software Development – The New Era of Tokenization

Bitcoin software development has led to a world of tokenization. From real estate to songs, we dive into the asset classes getting put on the blockchain.

The New Age of Bitcoin Business Opportunities

Bitcoin business opportunities are everywhere you look. Read on to see some new opportunities that the decentralized economy is providing people worldwide.

How Blockchain Needs Regulation to Mature

The importance of thoughtful regulation is growing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and is a necessary step for the future growth of the industry.

Why Blockchain Technology Will Be Essential to the Trust Economy

Why Blockchain Technology Will Be Essential to the Trust Economy Blockchain technology provides us with the ability to operate a decentralized economic sector that utilizes a Peer-to-Peer protocol that is…

Estonia E-Residency & Blockchain Governance, Explained

Learn more about how The Estonia e-Residency program allows anyone to establish a digital identity with Estonia, start an E.U. business or open a bank account.

Which City Will be the Capital of Blockchain Technology?

Read about which are the cities around the world that are vying to become the capital of blockchain and the top choice for blockchain talent and startups.

Cryptocurrency Solutions Helping the Pot Industry With its Growing Pains: What They Are, What They Could Do

PotCoin, HempCoin, and Budbo think crypto is the answer to the legal marijuana industry’s issues.They are now looking for payment and supply chain solutions.

House Subcommittee Holds First Ever Hearing On Cryptocurrencies, ICOs

US House of Representatives recently held a hearing on Crypto and ICOs in the hopes of reaching clarity towards any proposed regulation legislation.

What is World Wi-Fi / WeToken (WT)? | Beginner’s Guide

This is a guide to the World Wi-Fi project and WeToken about how wireless internet access is tokenized and how Wi-Fi is offered for free in various locations.